04 November 2011

Disneyland Paris--Part Three. . .

Friday at Disneyland dawned. . well not exactly clear!  I called the front desk to ask what the forecast was and was told, with a chuckle: "Madam. . rain."   Oh, well-- we were at Disney, and it is a park built for a rainy locale.  I think I read that 80% of it is undercover. And the rain really wasn't that bad at all (am I becoming British??).

One of the things I liked best about staying at the Disneyland Hotel was that the characters were just roaming around the lobby areas.  The kids (and Keith) met Chip and Dale--or Tic and Tac as they are called in France-- and Donald Duck just down the hall from our room.  There was still a bit of a queue, but nothing like the ones at the park.

It's A Small World ended up being one of our favorites. . the girls--especially Charlotte--loved looking at everything.  And, as a bonus, the song didn't get stuck in my head as badly as I thought it would!!
Queuing. . .French people are horrid at standing in line.  I have gotten quite accustomed to the orderly and polite British queues; I can't begin to tell you the number of people who cut in line in front of the kids.  I actually watched people just looking for any opportunity to squeeze past the person in front of them--even if they were 50 and that person was 5.  By the end, I was in all-out defensive position: spreading the group out so no one could sneak past us and blocking out anyone who tried!! 
It's A Small World boats.

A little bit of the USA.
Le Carrousel de Lancelot
With Pascal from Tangled.
Lunch was at Casey's Corner on Main Street USA. . .big old hot dogs and fries!  Then we headed to Walt Disney Studios for a little while. . .the older girls and I went on Flying Carpets Over Agrabah two times in a row. .. mostly because there were really long queues at the few attractions for younger kids.  Then we watched our only show of the trip: Animagique.. .a black-light puppet show.  I would have gotten more pictures, but apparently I couldn't be trusted to leave my flash off. :)  It was a pretty cool little show--I am glad we watched it.  And we got to hear "Under the Sea" in French.

We headed back to the room for a little breather before dinner, and then it was dress-up time!

This one of Hannah and Maggie is one of Keith's favorite pictures from the trip.

For our "fancy" meal, we dined with the prince and princesses at the 
Auberge de Cendrillon. 

They felt very fancy!!
Maggie with the kids' starters. . I am pretty sure that was pate?
I know our starters had a pumpkin soup on the left, rosemary lamb something in the middle, and a salmon thing on the right. . obviously, I am not up on my French cuisine.  We did however, manage to try a bit of everything. . .when in Rome and all that.

Charlotte loved the little juice with whipped cream drinks--they were just her size!!

Finishing off number three!!
Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora came over from the big castle.

For the mains, the choices ranged from veal to seafood--luckily they let me have an adult portion of the kids' ravioli.  At 60 euros per adult, this is hands-down the most expensive ravioli I have ever eaten.  At least it was shaped like Mickey!!

Hannah with the kids' dessert--which was all delicious.
The adults' desserts. . chocolate cake in a chocolate shell, creme brulee, and a white cake.

We ended Friday night with the Fantillusion Parade followed by the nightly fireworks--we missed out seeing the light parade when we were in Orlando, so I was really excited for the girls to see it.  Charlotte slept through most all of it, but she woke up for a few seconds and saw the lights.

Second day attraction tally:  Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Space Mountain, Le Carrousel de Lancelot, Pinocchio's Fantastic Journey, It's a Small World, Flying Carpets Over Agrabah (x2), and Big Thunder Mountain (x3), Animagique, Fantillusion, and Wishes Nighttime Fireworks.