26 March 2012

October 2011 extra pictures. . .

Hannah's birthday is how October always starts for us. . . and for her 8th, she decided to have some girls over to our house for a faux slumber party (all the pj's and fun without the sleep over part!)

This is Leah. . Hannah & Maggie's friend from next door.

Well. . at least it's a tasty perception of general unhealthiness!!

Charlotte's first dentist appointment. . . really just a chance to sit in the chair like big sisters. . we will get to the teeth next time around
Hannah's 8th Birthday!
opening her presents
Big girl!
Hannah and her "Star of the Week" trophy
Just three gals hangin' out in the ball pit!
Colouring in the garden. . .

I already posted about Halloween. . but wanted to include this one again. . .my little cuties!

22 March 2012

September leftovers. . .

Just some of the random pictures from things we had happening in September 2011:

CAT Family Day--Desford Facility, UK:  We were able to tour the facility, hit the bumper cars, and then wait in line for a ridiculously long time for the big girls to do the bungee jump trampoline thing.

First Day of School--St. Peter's, Hinckley: (I think I posted these already, but they are so cute, I had to put them on again!)

Our first antique purchase:  this is our Georgian Secretaire. . .circa 1810. . .we had it cleaned up and had a crack repaired.. . it was a "sympathetic restoration" which means they don't refinish or do anything that changes the 200 years of age that make it unique. 

Our Fairy Experience at Reilly Studios in Hinckley:  and these gorgeous shots sold me. . .I got these and three more!!

The "backwards" drive through. . .I post it again because I continue to laugh at my husband who almost refuses to go through it because of it's awkwardness and how my diesel engine makes it hard to hear! :)

Charlotte and her "bisc"!

Our neighbor (who has a beautiful garden full of ever-changing flowers. . and now I know why) keeping his bees:

Now I always look in the stands at Cubs games to see if I know anyone (and never do!). . while Keith and I were watching one of the games they aired here, we saw Richard. . our former insurance agent and one of his childhood friend's uncle. . .wild!!

Ever our little Disney baby!!

Summer sweetcorn!!  (it was good, but still not the same as Midwest sweetcorn!)

Such a good big sister. . .and it's a good thing since I didn't know how to tie a tie!!

Day out at the park in Market Bosworth. . a nearby town with great little shops. . .

Had to get this picture in my blog. . .I laughed out loud when I saw this one!  The headlines here are always bold. . .never as politically correct and mild as in the States.  And often, you have to look twice to organize it in your mind!  Like this one. . .

15 March 2012

London Zoo. . .

This post is yet another catch-up. . one of these years I will be on top of everything in my life. . all the balls I juggle will stay up in the air on a regular basis! (sure)

Anyway. . .the Bears Game in London was on a Sunday night, so we stayed over and everyone took the day off Monday to go to the London Zoo.  We stayed at the Marriott Regents Park, which made for a relatively easy stroll to the Zoo through the Park:

That's Hannah's favorite bird above her.
My little monkeys. . .

Really cool butterfly. . they had a house which is usually a big favorite for the girls. . .but this time Maggie's brightly colored shirt attracted a few too many butterflies.  When a particularly large one landed on her, she really freaked out!  I wonder if she will have a strange fear of them for the rest of her life! :)

The tiger was Charlotte's favorite. . .her souvenir was a little stuffed baby tiger that she cuddles with all the time!  (It calls her "Roar-lette")

Cool light show!

Until we got there, I didn't realize that this was where they filmed the scene from Harry Potter & The Sorceror's Stone (Philosopher's Stone in the UK) where the snake talks to Harry.  Hannah and I are just starting to read the books. . .so it's pretty cool that we got to be there together!

Maggie the meerkat. . .
It was a really nice penguin show. . .
. . .until they brought out the buckets of fish!
Then we got to watch the bird show! :)
Back through Regents Park after a lovely day at the Zoo!
Charlotte and her tiger!