04 September 2012

First Day(s) of School 2012

Time to get back into the school year again and all the fun it brings: the never-ending school runs, rummaging through the stinky pile of lost and found clothes, forgotten instruments, weekly trips to First Aid, fighting and tears over breakfast. . . good stuff! :)

This year we aren't the "new guys" and it's such a great thing to feel more at home!  We are looking forward to another wonderful year at St. Peters Catholic School for the girls--and really for our entire family!    Keith is a Foundation Governor--he represents our church community on what is like a school board.  I am involved in the PTA and will spend time this year helping to revamp the school library and volunteering at the school.  Hannah is in Year 4 (3rd grade) and this term she will have swimming and violin to start with.  Maggie is in Year 2 (1st grade).  She is also swimming and will hopefully start piano lessons soon.  Both girls are participating in Shelby Stars--an after school performing arts club that they have such a good time at!!  (We will see what else they can convince Mommy to sign them up for!)  Even Charlotte is getting in on the St. Peter's action--she is attending St. Peter's Church Preschool on Wednesday and Friday mornings this year.

I do have to note one complaint, however:  the kids are provided with most all of the supplies they need by the school and I miss shopping for school supplies!!  Definitely not the money involved, but checking off the list of necessities during a trip to Target and those aisles filled with beautiful fresh supplies!!  (of course I'd give just about anything for a Target run right now!)

I'm not sure where the disdain came from. . .

Charlotte's first day of preschool was the next day, and she. was. ready!!  Her preschool is in our parish center, so the building is familiar--she plays there after Mass.  The director and the teachers are faces that she knows from church and school.  She marched in and sorted her things. . .we found her name and she put it up. . .and then she sat down and promptly forgot about Mommy being there!  A little sad for me, but I am so glad that she has the strength to be independent!  And since Keith's Mom is Polish, we think it's really cool that the kids call the director "Babcia" which is Polish for Grandma!!

I think Hannah gave her the pencil she is carrying when she was packing some of her own to take to school. . .she was still holding it when I left!!

So, so ready to roll!!

For anyone who knows "the look" that Keith likes to give me when he thinks I am being ridiculous or I am being a nuisance. . .apparently here is Charlotte's version!  :)

Official report--from Charlotte--on the first day of preschool is as follows: 
"played games"
the best thing? "played with babies. . .someone pushed the pushchair"
"singed 3 songs. . .outside and inside and inside"
"someone put toys in the  _______ for school"