17 November 2012

October 2012--Our First Cruise. . .Day 3: Villefrance, France

22 October 2012

Monday morning we woke up in Villefrance, France--a small, coastal town, in the heart of the French Riveria, founded in 1295.  Here's the AM view from our stateroom:

Charlotte checking out the view!!

Because of  my late night, I was off to a slow start, so Keith took the girls to breakfast.  Mom & Dad Brum booked a guided excursion to Nice & Eze, but we decided that our three upcoming Italian excursions were enough for us!  Instead, the big girls went to Adventure Ocean (no surprise!) and Keith, Charlotte, and I took the tender ship over to Villefrance to wander about. 

 There wasn't much to the town. . .just a few market stalls and the Citadel (1560), which we (kind of) walked through.  Keith did walk up and look at the Chapelle St. Pierre, but because of the stroller, I stayed down and browsed some shops.

Here is the little tender ship we took over to the town:

It was impressive views all around from the tender ship while heading in to shore. . .I have to say that although the town didn't have much to offer, it was--by far--the prettiest port that we were in.  Definitely some of my favorite pictures!!

It wasn't even that bright. . .and that's not even my squinty eye!!  Oh well. . gotta get in the pictures sometime and it's a cute pic of Charlotte!! :)

There were a couple of these guys, and Charlotte had to give each a high-five!

After we explored Villefrance for a bit, we queued to board the tender ships back to the Liberty.  Hannah & Maggie had already eaten with the kids' club staff, so Keith, Charlotte and I hit the Windjammer buffet.

Charlotte LOVES the prawn crackers we get with Chinese takeaway, and the ship had multi-colored ones!

After lunch, it was back to our room for the five of us. . .and time for a short rest.  Charlotte and I continued to rest, Keith and Maggie went swimming, and Hannah stayed back to read for a little while.  While the girls & I got ready for dinner, Keith tried out the fitness center.

The PM view from our stateroom:

The H2O Zone that the kids spent plenty of time in:

For dinner, Hannah joined Grandpa and Grandma in the dining room.  Keith, Maggie, Charlotte, and I went to Johnny Rockets diner, because I couldn't stop thinking about getting some cheese fries and onion rings.  I had just started feeling better from my late night, but right about when we sat down to order, nausea hit me like a mack truck!  Keith had a bug before we left, so I either got it from him or from the close quarters of the cruise ship.  Either way, the day was done for me. . .and after one onion ring, I needed to sleep the sick off!   Everyone else called it a night shortly after I did--probably for the best, since we had an early start for Pisa the next day.