28 April 2011

The waiting is over . . .

We are in our house now. . .after two weeks living out of a suitcase.  It was great to be able to see family, and when being this far away really sinks in, we will be sad, but it is such a relief to be settled somewhere! 

Made it through O'Hare and through the flight; Charlotte slept most of the flight zonked out on tylenol and motrin because of her double ear infection.  The older girls slept, too. . .or watched a movie and played their DS.  They all did a really good job and even Keith and I were able to sleep.  We got to Heathrow a little early, which was nice.  There was a driver waiting to pick us up--it was kind of cool to be one of the people with their names on the little sign!!

Got to the hotel Tuesday late morning and had what seemed like the entire hotel staff to help us get our stuff to the room.  We had 10 suitcases, 2 duffles, 5 backpacks, a car seat, and a violin.  Struggled our way through the jet lag. . .I fell asleep at the table at lunch!  We all got naps and slept through the night. . .good thing because the next day was a long one!

We woke up a little late and had breakfast.   Then Keith started walking loads of our luggage to the house--the hotel is only a block from here.  The rental company was there delivering furniture and the agent arrived shortly before we walked over.  Steph (who showed us around when we were here March) went through some of the details on the house and lease and the rental company finished up.  Then it was just the five of us in our new house!

Our air shipment arrived Wednesday afternoon--it was nice to see our stuff starting to fill up these rooms.  Went to Pizza Hut for supper and then to Asda which is owned by Walmart.  I guess it was a little bit of an American night! :)  It was funny, though, at Pizza Hut I asked the waitress for some pizza sauce to dip our crusts, etc in and she said that we were only the second ones to ever ask for that at that restaurant. 

Got home really late. . girls went to bed at 11:00 pm. . .woke up to more sunshine this morning.  Keith went in to work for a little while and then we went and checked out another store, Tesco.  Just trying to get a feel for where to get groceries, etc.  Came home and ordered kebabs (chunks of meat, etc in a pita) for supper and then had baths and watched Charlie and Lola.

Now is is 11 pm here and Charlotte has been screaming to get out of her bed for the last 45 minutes.  Guess she is still a little bit messed up from the time difference.  Luckily, the prince decided to get married tomorrow so Keith has a four day weekend!