04 July 2011

Road signs and elegance. . .

Keith and I have been very entertained by sayings, terms, and names for things here--the adverts and signs alone are an education!  It is interesting to discover just how important context becomes when you live in a different country--there have been a few times that I have had to remember that even though something is called one thing in the States, it has an entirely different meaning here (and is appropriate). 

Especially when you hear or see something that doesn't seem quite right:

Sometimes it is something familiar, but just a little bit different:

I love the elegance of words here. . .even some of the road signs say things in such a great (and wordy and/or obvious) way:

This stall's not occupied, it's:

I am also glad to finally figure out what some things are:

One of my favorite British words:

For the fans of Notting Hill: