29 October 2011

July and August leftovers. . .

Just wanted to get these in the blog while I am playing catch-up. . just some random things from July and August:
Charlotte takes a music and dance class called Jo Jingles. . .like Kindermusic. . and she is obsessed with it!  This is her teacher, LeAnn.
Charlotte and her buddy, Lucie.

Hands-down, the parachute is Charlotte's favorite thing. . .she squeals when she sees it!

This is in Nuneaton, which is the next town over from us.

Charlotte really enjoys our conservatory furniture. . .

Our 4th of July picnic--we had planned to go to TGIFriday's for the celebration they have there, but Keith ended up having to work late.  The girls and I had hot dogs and potato chips--we did have sweet corn. . not on the cob.. .but still sweet corn! :)

Maggie having fun at her Field Day.

St. Peter's Summer Fayre

Hannah's Leavers' Assembly. . .her class, Year 2, was moving on from the Infant School and Key Stage 1 to the Junior School and Key Stage 2.  They had an assembly to say goodbye.

Hannah front and center as letter F.

Our sweet girl getting choked up.
Charlotte's first movie at the cinema. . .Cars 2!  Love that so much was set in England!  And I love the Brad Paisley-Robbie Williams song, Collision of Worlds, at the end of the movie!
Pretending to be Gabriela and a cheerleader from High School Musical--we love those movies!

Hannah with her teacher, Mrs. Dakin, and the student teachers, Mr. Maximuw and Mr. Kelly.

Keith and the girls go to the driving range most Saturday mornings if we are around.  The golf pro there gives free lessons to kids each week, and they have been learning quite a bit about what it takes to have a better golf swing.  He gives them certificates for the distances they can hit to--Maggie is up to 50 yards and Hannah is up to 75 yards. 

Cheeky. . .
. . .cheeky. . .
. . .and more cheeky!!!
Friday is Movie & Popcorn Night.
Mags is turning into quite the little reader!
Fun in the garden. . . on the far left is Georgia, a friend from school, and on the far right is Leah, our neighbor.
Charlotte is mad about shoes. . especially her big sisters'!