28 October 2011

Mom and Dad's Visit--Miscellaneous.. .

Just a few other things we did while my parents were visiting. . .I am ready to be caught up on this blog, so I am going to attempt that today and tomorrow!!  (attempt being the key word, of course!)

We took a walk to our local (pub)--the Hinckley Knight-- down the public bridlepath by our house. .

We went to a boot sale!  These sales are how they do garage sales here; everyone loads up the boot (trunk) of their car and drives to a field, parks, and sets up their own mini-sale.  They have food and drink and bouncy houses, etc for the kids.  Every Sunday morning and some Saturday mornings, too.  It was FABULOUS! I can't wait to go back again.  . .and eventually sell some, too!

Both Dad and Mom tried out driving on the left side of the road (not just in our driveway). . .it didn't take too long for them to catch on!

Keith and I got to have a date night!!  We took a mini pub-crawl and shopped for some antique furniture in Northampton. [We did end up buying a piece--I will blog about that when the finished product arrives]  Dinner and an overnight. . .felt like it had been forever since we had a night out just the two of us!!
Keith on his "throne" at one of the antique shops.

One of our pub stops. . .along a little canal--drinking Hoegarden pints.
This is the picture that Keith took of his beer. . and oh yeah, me, too!

We had a bit of leak in our kitchen. . .a pipe somehow came completely disconnected in one of the upstairs bathrooms and water was pouring out of this light fixture. . and from the edge where the wall and ceiling meet. . even outside along the brick.

The younger girls thought it was fun--grrr!! 
 We went to Leicester City Centre and walked around. . thought it was ironic that we found this gate while my parents were here (my maiden name is Butler):

We had to go to Subway. . it is one of Mom and Dad's lunch spots back home.  It is by far the most American US franchise here. . the food actually tastes the same as opposed to McDonalds, Burger King. . which aren't quite the same!

It was wonderful to have my parents here. . nice to have hugs from home. . and to get to see them face to face.  (But it was also a lot harder to say goodbye!)  I think it makes it easier when they can visualize where we are and know that we are okay here in the UK.  Thanks for a great visit, Mom and Dad. . . we love you very much!  Come back soon!