21 January 2012

Our first rugby match. . .

Caterpillar sponsors the local professional rugby team, the Leicester Tigers, and Keith was able to get 7 free tickets.  Since we had some extras, Keith asked a friend from church/school.  He came and brought his two sons, one of which is one of Maggie's current loves.  She played it cool. . .didn't say a word to him the whole afternoon! :)

It rained a little bit, but by the time we were in our seats, all was clear. . a little chilly, but not too bad.  We had pretty good seats, so the girls got a up-close-and-personal introduction to the game.  And the Tigers were victorious!

The entrance gates.  It was kind of refreshing because getting into the stadium wasn't a huge production--we just walked in.

My new favorite name for a stand.

Caterpillar funded the construction of one of the stands.

Seriously.  Ouch!

Another shot of the CAT stands.

We were teasing Maggie about her "first date". . .she acted bothered, but she's the one who picked out her outfit!