07 May 2012

German Christmas Market. . .

In November, on Keith's birthday, we went to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham. We weren't able to get a trip planned to Germany for 2011, so this was the next best thing. We did make the mistake of not only going on opening weekend, but we also went on Family Day. . .it was beyond busy!  But we still managed to enjoy!

This first picture is not mine. . but I thought it was a good one to include:

Didn't take long for my Hannah to give in to the food!
Maggie was all for the Berliners!

Hot chocolates, German beer, and mulled wine--the mulled wine is tradition, but I was not big fan. . .I was jealous of Keith and his beer!!

The Market was run by people from Frankfurt, so the stalls etc looked great!  I can't wait to experience a market that is actually in Germany!!

Feuerzangenbowle is a traditional German alcoholic drink for which a rum-soaked sugarloaf is set on fire and drips into mulled wine. . .didn't try it, must have snapped the picture for some reason I don't remember.
Mmmmmm. . . beer!!

Some of the yummies we brought home:
pretzel sandwich

This is probably one of our most favorite things we have ever bought. . .a German Christmas pyramid.  There were many different styles to choose from. . some smaller, some larger. . .some electric (which won't help us when we move back to the States). . .some painted, some not.  This was the one that we settled on--we like it so much that we are keeping it out year round.

Apparently these are "kerzen" fur our "pyramiden" !!

 The levels of the pyramid depict the story of Jesus' birth. . .shepherds and sheep, wise men and camels, heralding angels and of course Joseph, Mary, and the Blessed Infant.

This picture might not do it justice, but it is really cool all lit up!  However, when I look at it, I can't help thinking about Clark and Eddie (in his dicky) drinking egg nog in the Griswold living room!!  :)