19 May 2012

Trains & The British Museum. . .

Today, we went to The British Museum in London.  (I'm thinking it might be difficult for me to write about something from today. . I am used to posting about something 4 months after it happens! :)

We headed down to London by train (20 min to station/50 minutes on the train), and since the weather decided to be somewhat pleasant, we were able to walk to the Museum.  On the way, we cut through Tavistock Square--a little park in the middle of a block. . .the girls played a game about sharks getting them and then gave up on that to chase the pigeons.

On to the museum. . .and I don't know if you are getting Maggie's pleasant and excited mood from this picture, but she couldn't contain her positive attitude! HA!

Here's the lobby:

 This is Amenhotep III. . .from about 1400 BC.

And this is the Rosetta Stone. . .196 BC--tool used to decipher/translate Egyptian hieroglyphics.  I kept laughing at myself because the only thing I could think of was the language programs.

The Ancient Egypt collection was pretty good. . .I think the kids' enjoyed this section of the museum the most!

 Once again, the multi-media tours were a big hit with Hannah & Maggie--these were especially cool because they had a touch-screen with a stylus!  Here they are checking out the mummies.
Surprisingly, the girls weren't creeped out by this next one!  I thought there was something really compelling about it.  

 Shawl made of gold. . . so comfortable.
 The only picture I got of Charlotte at the museum; she wasn't feeling very good and slept most all the afternoon.

We went back out of the museum to eat lunch. . .ate at El Mexicana--the food was good (burrito, tacos, nachos, and. . .potato wedges), but Keith and I wondered if that was proper Spanish grammar. . shouldn't it be La Mexicana? 

On the way back, I saw this. . .the Caldecott Medal is awarded annually to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children.  Ironically in honor of this Englishman!

A few more Ancient Egyptians. .

On to the Romans and a statue of Venus. . .Hannah got a little giggly about the Roman statues. . fortunately, most of them had lost their. . .well, appendages, so we didn't have to have too long of a conversation about them!  :)

 This is the Nereid Monument, found in Turkey.

 The 2012 London Olympic & ParaOlympic gold medals!

 This one would have been a sweet sister picture if I had: A-caught them straight on and not pretty much cut Hannah out of it. . .and B-if they weren't pushing and fussing at each other while Maggie was holding part of a tool from 3500 BC!  Needless to say, the lady running the exhibit was slightly freaked out!  But, the Brummel girls recovered nicely and got to hold this 5500 year old relic.  Amazing!

 Keith might look like he is "appreciating" the art, but he is really just giving me a look for giggling with the older two about the "tooshie"!

 Michelangelo's The Epifania cartoon 1550-5.  This was in the gallery outside the Picasso exhibit--couldn't take pictures of Picasso's sketches.

My little "dum-dums" (Night at the Museum)
 Hannah & Maggie thought this little guy looked like Steve, the monkey, from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. . I can see it!

 I admit that I made them pose like this. . but it pretty much summed up how they were feeling. . it had been a full day of museum and they were ready to hit the gift shop and head out!

Caught the train back home and stopped at Subway for dinner, where my little Charlotte got sick all over the floor of the bathroom. . .so it was a really great family day out. . just not a very happy ending to the day.  We are a little worried that she is getting more and more sensitive to motion-sickness.  This is the second time that a journey (first time was the car in Wales--this time the train/car) has ended in her getting sick.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it was just a coincidence!!