01 February 2011

Catharsis. . .

I am working on cleaning things out. . .and am so conflicted about it.  On the one hand, it is unnerving.  I have realized (really always knew) that I am a person who surrounds themselves with stuff as a comfort.  So getting rid of things--even those we haven't touched in a year or forgot we had--is a bit stressful.  What if I end up needing it?  What if I can never find it again?  What if I have to pay twice as much to replace it?  What will happen if I can actually walk around my bedroom without tripping over piles of junk?

On the other hand. . . .damn it feels good to get rid of stuff!!  I am sad to see things go because of the enormity of this move; would we get rid of these things if a cargo hold on a ship wasn't forcing us to?  But, the weight of keeping up with our stuff is getting lighter with every box I fill up.  I am a better person when I am not bogged down by the piles!   

So I will continue to send our things on to a new home. . .maybe then when we get to our new home we might be able to live a little more simply and be more focused on what's really important.