26 January 2011

Daily details. . .

Little things are starting to pop up that I don't have the answers to. . .I don't know if Hannah and Maggie will be  wearing school uniforms, so I can't hit the clearance racks for school clothes for next year.  I don't know exactly how the weather will be, so I don't know whether tank tops, swimsuits, and flip flops are necessary!  All the little details that I pride myself on thinking of. . .on being prepared for are going to have to be researched!  How exhausting!

We are going to have to teach the girls the pound system and the metric system so that they will have a basic familiarity with it before school starts. . .going to have to "mind the gap" on the trains. . .we will have to drive on the other side of the road (terrifying!). . .and get used to spending family dinners at a local pub (such a hardship!).  It is all part of the adventure, but it makes my head spin just to contemplate it!

Have figured out that car seat law are about the same. . .shots (or jabs) for the kids are about the same. . .locally there are COSTCO and Ikea and Staples to just name a few. . .and I saw Pampers in a picture of a house for rent!! 

And a great little tidbit Keith learned from a current ISE. . . if we get Vonage, we can transfer an American number overseas and the calls are then just a regular long distance call for our family and friends that will ring to our house there!