15 March 2012

London Zoo. . .

This post is yet another catch-up. . one of these years I will be on top of everything in my life. . all the balls I juggle will stay up in the air on a regular basis! (sure)

Anyway. . .the Bears Game in London was on a Sunday night, so we stayed over and everyone took the day off Monday to go to the London Zoo.  We stayed at the Marriott Regents Park, which made for a relatively easy stroll to the Zoo through the Park:

That's Hannah's favorite bird above her.
My little monkeys. . .

Really cool butterfly. . they had a house which is usually a big favorite for the girls. . .but this time Maggie's brightly colored shirt attracted a few too many butterflies.  When a particularly large one landed on her, she really freaked out!  I wonder if she will have a strange fear of them for the rest of her life! :)

The tiger was Charlotte's favorite. . .her souvenir was a little stuffed baby tiger that she cuddles with all the time!  (It calls her "Roar-lette")

Cool light show!

Until we got there, I didn't realize that this was where they filmed the scene from Harry Potter & The Sorceror's Stone (Philosopher's Stone in the UK) where the snake talks to Harry.  Hannah and I are just starting to read the books. . .so it's pretty cool that we got to be there together!

Maggie the meerkat. . .
It was a really nice penguin show. . .
. . .until they brought out the buckets of fish!
Then we got to watch the bird show! :)
Back through Regents Park after a lovely day at the Zoo!
Charlotte and her tiger!