22 March 2012

September leftovers. . .

Just some of the random pictures from things we had happening in September 2011:

CAT Family Day--Desford Facility, UK:  We were able to tour the facility, hit the bumper cars, and then wait in line for a ridiculously long time for the big girls to do the bungee jump trampoline thing.

First Day of School--St. Peter's, Hinckley: (I think I posted these already, but they are so cute, I had to put them on again!)

Our first antique purchase:  this is our Georgian Secretaire. . .circa 1810. . .we had it cleaned up and had a crack repaired.. . it was a "sympathetic restoration" which means they don't refinish or do anything that changes the 200 years of age that make it unique. 

Our Fairy Experience at Reilly Studios in Hinckley:  and these gorgeous shots sold me. . .I got these and three more!!

The "backwards" drive through. . .I post it again because I continue to laugh at my husband who almost refuses to go through it because of it's awkwardness and how my diesel engine makes it hard to hear! :)

Charlotte and her "bisc"!

Our neighbor (who has a beautiful garden full of ever-changing flowers. . and now I know why) keeping his bees:

Now I always look in the stands at Cubs games to see if I know anyone (and never do!). . while Keith and I were watching one of the games they aired here, we saw Richard. . our former insurance agent and one of his childhood friend's uncle. . .wild!!

Ever our little Disney baby!!

Summer sweetcorn!!  (it was good, but still not the same as Midwest sweetcorn!)

Such a good big sister. . .and it's a good thing since I didn't know how to tie a tie!!

Day out at the park in Market Bosworth. . a nearby town with great little shops. . .

Had to get this picture in my blog. . .I laughed out loud when I saw this one!  The headlines here are always bold. . .never as politically correct and mild as in the States.  And often, you have to look twice to organize it in your mind!  Like this one. . .