26 March 2012

October 2011 extra pictures. . .

Hannah's birthday is how October always starts for us. . . and for her 8th, she decided to have some girls over to our house for a faux slumber party (all the pj's and fun without the sleep over part!)

This is Leah. . Hannah & Maggie's friend from next door.

Well. . at least it's a tasty perception of general unhealthiness!!

Charlotte's first dentist appointment. . . really just a chance to sit in the chair like big sisters. . we will get to the teeth next time around
Hannah's 8th Birthday!
opening her presents
Big girl!
Hannah and her "Star of the Week" trophy
Just three gals hangin' out in the ball pit!
Colouring in the garden. . .

I already posted about Halloween. . but wanted to include this one again. . .my little cuties!