23 May 2011

The end is in sight. . .

Because of how things are done over here (read: internet access and cable aren't as much a priority), we have been living in the Dark Ages since we got here four weeks ago. :)  No house phone.  We did get UK cells (mobiles) a couple weeks ago so we can actually make local calls, but they don't have unlimited data plans here.  I realize that I should probably have embraced the time without media, but it is really difficult to not be able to quickly look something up online, etc.  Keith and I managed to blast through the MB on an air card meant to last a month in about 6 days!

BUT. . .the aforementioned end is here. . satellite was hooked up Friday and broadband and house phone should be on by midnight tonight--only seven more hours.  That means I can upload pictures with wild abandon, blog until my fingers bleed, actually return emails regularly. . .it also means that our US number (309) 938-4955 should start ringing to the house tomorrow. . but be mindful of that time difference!  :)