23 May 2011

Have been noticing a few things. . .

  • Shopping carts here have a mind of their own. . .all of them are the kind that have four independent wheels. . .I feel like I am drunk when I go to Tesco (aspires to be like Super Target, but just can't quite cut it!)
  • Cleaning supplies, even the ones that say they have the same scent (ie lemon-fresh) do not smell the same. . even Pledge, which is sold here, doesn't smell "right". . never thought I would miss anything to do with cleaning!
  • There are some people--especially other women--who have acted strange when I have offered my hand to shake when introduced to them.  I wonder if that is a "Brits don't usually do that" type of thing?
  • Here is a big one. . the kids change for PE even at Maggie's age. . .but the oddest part is that all the kids change in their classrooms--boys and girls right next to one another.  I have been told that this happens all the way up to Year 5 and 6 (4th and 5th grade).  Hannah has had a little bit of trouble adjusting to that.