13 May 2011

Today was a good one!

It was one of those days. . .started out hectic like always. . but got the girls to school on time!  It was beautiful outside, so after I dropped Mags off, I wandered over to Center Street, which is the high street in Hinckley.  The picture doesn't do it justice, but it is only for pedestrian traffic and is full of shops. . .coffee, bakers, flower shops, green grocers (fresh--and beautiful--produce), resale/thrift shops, clothing, furniture, home decor. . .a little bit of everything.  And as a bonus, it was Market Day. . on Monday, Friday, and Saturday each week there are additional vendors selling everything from bird seed to fresh fish to off the truck makeup and beauty supplies.  I strolled down the street to Costa--essentially Starbucks--got my skinny vanilla latte and just took it all in.  Picked up a sweater for 2 pounds. . a couple of DVDs because we still haven't got "real" internet and television at the house. . .Monday I am grabbing some flowers for the yard.

Then it was time for the school mass at Saint Peter's. . .Maggie's school (and hopefully Hannah's in the fall) was celebrating Our Lady with all the students bringing flowers to lay at her feet and a crowning ceremony that has been happening at that church for over one hundred years.  The homily was all about grace and how Mary was full of it and all the wonderful qualities that mothers and grandmothers all possess little pieces of.   Grace is what I pray for every morning (lots of unanswered prayers there :), so the words coupled with a church full of angelic voices was exactly what I needed!

Then back to the house where Charlotte took a good solid nap and gave me time to get some things done. . and back to the school.  Maggie got to participate in a maypole dancing ceremony.  Very British and very cool.  This one was called the Skipping Song. . Mags is there in the front on the left. :)

We are still working on a car for me but getting closer. . .so that is what we have been up to tonight. . .but the finishing touch on what has been a very good day is that we had dinner and a margarita! at TGI Fridays (nice to have the familiar. . .now I am at home in my pjs and results night for American Idol from last night is just starting!