16 May 2011

Some things that are different. . .

  • light switches. . down is on and up is off
  • there are no outlets in the bathrooms, except for ones for shavers
  • no screens on the windows because there aren't many bugs
  • no central air conditioning and radiators in each room for heat
  • many of the light switches are outside of the room, especially for bathrooms
  • US DVDs and video games can't play on UK devices, and vice versa
  • you can park on either side of the road facing in either direction--even if it means you are forcing the road down to one lane
  • most people don't use their garages to park a car--the weather is never extreme enough to need it
  • no garage sales. . just boot sales where everyone loads up their trunk (boot) and parks in a field to sell their junk. . actually sounds pretty cool
  • carpet in the bathrooms is a normal thing
  • can't use the hot water taps for drinking or even cooking because the water runs through pipes that are far too old to be safe
  • only way to lock our front door from the outside AND the inside is with a key
  • all the rooms, even the kitchen, living and dining rooms have doors like bedrooms (this has actually been great with Charlotte
  • we can't find big glasses/tumblers anywhere. . they are either glass or small for kids
  • the sodas at even McDonalds are smaller--their large is a medium back home