22 January 2011

Control issues. . .

I am the first to admit that I like to have control over things. . .it makes me calm when things are ordered--when all is in its proper place.  My kids have taught me a lot about the beauty of chaos, but I am still evolving into a Zen person (and let's face it, always will be).  So right now. . .waiting for the HR paperwork from Caterpillar (14 days and counting since we accepted the position) is KILLING ME!  The weekend after we found out about the job, I rushed to Office Max and bought an awesome briefcase bag along with a matching set of folders, notebooks, etc. which, coincidentally, have what I find to be a rather British feel.  I was pumped--I was ready--I was going to get ourselves organized for the impending move.  Of course Brum rolled his eyes but knowing me as well as he does only joked that I should take just the notepads back.  And then I waited. . . and waited. . .and waited some more. 

I need that paperwork to feel like I am in control of something in this whole process. . .Caterpillar is so generous to its ISE's. . so considerate of the difficulty of this kind of move. . .and I am very grateful for that.  But in turn, they will dictate so many of the decisions that have to be made.  Their ability to get our residency visas will decide when we move.  Their housing allowance will decide what type of home we will make there.  Their storage and shipping policies will decide what we will take, what we will store, and what we will have to get rid of.

BUT. . .I am the master of my lists! Give me some details so I can focus on something instead of rattling around in this massive cloud of information that everyone keeps throwing at us.  Let me waste some hours putting it all in ABC order!