24 January 2011

Let's tell the girls. . .

After talking about all we could think of and making the decision to go ahead with this move, it was time to tell our daughters.  I had told the girls during the afternoon that they could have whatever they wanted for dinner that night, and it finally worked itself out that we were going to O'Charley's to eat.  It was our "family meeting." 

Hannah has always known and accepted that a move would be coming soon for our family--that we wouldn't be living in Tennessee forever.  I am fairly certain that she was beginning to think that it would be back to Peoria for us.  Maggie doesn't really remember the move because she was only 15 months old at the time, but she is such a homebody. . .would rather stay home than go to Target (even though she loves their popcorn!).

We started out by letting them know we had something to talk to them about.  Asked Hannah what she remembered about moving to Tennessee. . what was fun, what was difficult, etc.  She mentioned getting a new house and bedroom and missing family and her pink carpet in her old bedroom.  Then we told them the big news:  that this move would take us to a whole other country and how excited we were for our family's next adventure.

Our amazing Hanny took it all in stride--a little teary and then a big deep breath.  When she was composed and had been snuggled a little bit, her questions began: "What language do they speak?"  "Where is it?"  "When will we move?"  Ever her Daddy's girl!!

Sweet Maggie Moo teared up a little, too, and told us that she "didn't want to leave her house."  I am not sure that she fully understands that she won't get to see her friends and that time with family will be less.  But, she did cover some important topics:  "Mommy, will there be a Disney World there?"

I am so proud of the girls and know that whatever happens on this journey that they will be okay. . .better than okay. . .that they will take it all in and make us truly understand that it doesn't matter where we go as long as we are together!!