16 June 2011

Being sick. . .

I had never really given much thought to being sick in the UK. . .who would want to focus on that?  We have, however, had a nasty virus going through our house, and it is now my turn.  And of course it started during mid-term break!  Hannah had it first and bless her, she even got a post-viral rash from head to toe.  Then Mags got hit with it and missed the first day back to school after break.  Now Mommy is laid up with it.

Going to the doctor here is a little bit different. . .we have a NHS (national health care) card and are assigned a surgery, or doctor's office.  You call between 8 am- 10 am to make an appointment; if they are already full for the day, you are put in a triage queue and a doctor calls you back.  If he or she thinks you need to be seen, they will extend their hours for the day and make an appointment with you.  You don't pay for visits to your family doctor, and I don't know the exact details yet, but I think that all prescriptions are free for anyone under the age of 18.

Unfortunately, the doctor who called me agreed that I probably did just have the virus that the girls had.  This means that I am now sitting on the couch feeling like I have the flu with a horrible sore throat and what feels like golf balls in my throat.  I don't have my tonsils, so I can only imagine how ugly it must look down there!  And in a reassuring tone, that doctor told me after 7-10 days I could expect to feel better. . .GRRRR!

AND to make matters worse, you can't get Campbells Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup here!