08 June 2011

My UK substitutions. . .

Trying to find UK substitutions for our US products has been interesting.  I knew that food would be different and have been pleasantly surprised to see some brands we know like Cheerios.  But the search for equivalent items extends to everything:  cleaning products, toiletries, new socks, etc.

And the difficult thing is trying to figure out what is a good deal.  For example, you go to Tesco and a pack of Sharpie pens is 3.75 pounds.  Looking at the price tag, I think "That sounds about right".  BUT, then I realize it is actually about $7.  I love me some Sharpies, but come on.  (I will admit that it brought tears to my eyes when I opened the box that my office supplies stash was packed in!)

Some of the substitutions are basically the same packaging as in the States, but with a different name.  For example, Cottenelle in the US is Andrex (with GORGEOUS comfort!) in the UK:

I used a lot of P&G products in the US and they are equally as present here, so that has been nice.  The sizes for Pampers are a little different. . .it's actually nice because Charlotte will now be able to wear 4's for about 10 more pounds!  The types of diapers have different names, too: 

There are some companies, especially in London, that get American products and you can order from/through them.  And the nice thing here is that because England is the size of Oregon, most every online store offers free delivery!!  And now all this is reminding me that I need to go order diapers. . I mean nappies. . .and wipes or we are going to have some serious trouble around here!