02 June 2011

Harry Potter

Keith and I have decided to watch all of the Harry Potter movies. . and I have to say that I am so glad that we decided to wait until we had moved here to watch them (I have seen them all, but he hadn't).  It is really cool to see things in these movies that we recognize from our weeks here! Some of the neighborhoods around ours look exactly like Privet Drive. . . the curbs and gardens are manicured in the same way. . and the streets curve in the same way. . .even the street signs are the same.  When we did our house-hunting trip, we took the train from Heathrow to St. Pancras train station which is the same station that the students take Platform 9 3/4 to Hogwarts.  And of course, although it's not quite as large, I have my Harry Potter closet!!  (no children are living it. . .for now anyway! :)