09 June 2011

Charlotte's love affair with biscuits and bidets. . .

I am confident that Charlotte's first British word will be biscuits.  She is in love with them (as is evident by the massive amount of crumbs in my black upholstered car!). . .and in love with the fact that everywhere we go, someone offers her one.  And she knows exactly where to find them, too!  Here she is enjoying a Garibaldi biscuit (has currants in it). . tastes a little like a fig newton.

She loves the bidet that is in our hall bathroom (now that is a sentence I never thought I would say!). . .doesn't matter that there is no water in it--she just loves to play with the faucets and tries to climb in it on a regular basis.  Since none of us know exactly how to use it, I suppose that we will let her have her fun!!!  (FYI--it was thoroughly cleaned--I know somebody is cringing right now!)