01 June 2011

Frustrated. . .

Our first Christmas in Tennessee, we got our mail on Christmas Eve and then opened it on Christmas morning to find that someone had charged $9000 to our Best Buy card.

We've just had our first bank holiday in England, and have discovered that someone made 900 pounds (about $1500) of fraudulent charges on my debit card from the bank here AND that our Discover card has some small charges that we didn't make. 

Luckily, we weren't held responsible for the Best Buy charges and it sounds like we won't be held responsible for the new ones.  Small comfort when so much of our info is online.  Don't tell my hubby, but I am fairly certain that internet security might just be impossible.  :)

Oh, and the worst part?  The charges on my debit card were from a swanky department store that I would love to be able to justify dropping 1500 bucks at!!  I feel like Monica when her card gets stolen and she pretends to be Monana!  I will keep you posted if I decide to take a tap-dancing class!!