08 September 2011

"British things" I like. . .and things that are changing. . .

It is fascinating to hear the words that the girls are genuinely picking up with a bit of an accent. . .the vowel sounds in their words are definitely shifting a little!  For example, instead of saying "paht" for pot, I noticed Maggie now says "pawwt". . .don't know if you could understand my phonetics there, but it is cute when she says it!

I catch myself saying "lovely" and "for a bit. . ." and "a bit of" a lot. . .we have officially switched to using "holiday" for vacation (like it better anyway!). . .Keith now always pronounces "route" as "root" (it comes up a lot at work when they "rowt" issues) even when it's not Route 66.

And we were watching a movie set in Philadelphia the other night and we both realized that the driving scenes looked like they were on the wrong side of the road!!

I continue to have a bit of  a love affair with the different words for things. . .right now, I am liking:
knackered=worn out
bin it=throw it away
whilst=while (so fancy!)
elevenses=small snack around 11 am--like tea/coffee and biscuits
touch wood=knock on wood
one-off=doing something once. . .like "Do you go to that restaurant all the time?"  "No, it was just a one-off"

A new friend said the rain was "tipping down" the other day. . .I think that was what she said anyway--with the accents, it can be quite difficult to catch sometimes!

Maybe the cutest one of all, though, is that Charlotte now says "Hello" without the H sound. . we are working on " 'ello luv". . she'll be the most British Brummel of them all!!