02 September 2011

First day of school. . .

Our first day of the 2011-2012 school year started off with a bang. . .and a thud!  I decided that we didn't have enough going on with starting school and all, so I got up first thing and fell half way down the stairs.  I landed pretty hard on my right arm, back and bum. . .blacked out a little and got nauseous from it.  At this point Keith figured out something was wrong but I assured him that I was just going to go all the way down stairs to the bathroom in case I got sick.  Bad idea!  This is where he takes over the story because I don't remember the next minute or so.  He went back to get Charlotte, who was fussing, and I went on to the bathroom.  That's when he heard the thud; I had walked to the bathroom and passed out, falling backwards and hitting my head on the door to our Harry Potter closet.  He came down to see me out cold on the floor.  I woke up to him trying to wake me. . .scary stuff!  He insisted on taking me to the A&E (Accident and Emergency Room) after we took the girls to school.  All was fine. . .I had a CT scan and everything. . .all clear.  I wasn't keen on getting the scan, but I am glad that I did because my head hurt pretty badly last night.  Today, I am feeling really beat up and sore. . .and realizing that I am getting older because I don't bounce back like I used to!!

Even though she was at the school last term for a bit, and even though she is officially a Year One student, if we were in the US, this would have been Maggie's FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!!! 
And Hannah, our brave and accommodating girl, started yet another new school when she joined Maggie at Saint Peter's Catholic School as a Year Three student (2nd grade)!  That's two different preschools and three different grade schools so far for her!
They both did really well and came home with big smiles and stories to share.  Hannah already knew some of her classmates from church, but also told me about some other girls that she played with or sat by.  And Maggie was thrilled with the fact that she had older kids in her class.  They combine the Year 1 and 2 (K and 1st grade) students and split them into two classrooms which then come together in different combinations throughout the day. 
The two girls whose faces you can see are Hannah and Georgia, her friends from church.  The other girl is a classmate.

Maggie and Jenny, who was new after Maggie last term.

Our little blue-eyed big girl.

In the scrum to hang up bags--she was glad her hook was between Georgia and Hannah.

I take it as a great sign that today, on the second day, Hannah went running in when the whistle for her year group sounded--she barely remembered to say bye to me!  I look forward to a great year at St. Peter's!!