08 September 2011

Mom and Dad's visit. . Part Two: Sandwich. . .

For anyone who doesn't know, I grew up in a town called Sandwich, Illinois.  Most people who hear it never forget that name.  My parents still live there (about 27 years now) as does my brother, Mike, his wife Beth, and their two daughters, Brynn and Anne.  When we asked Mom and Dad what they wanted to do while they were here, Dad's immediate answer was visit Sandwich, Kent here in England.

After our day in London, the next morning we were off to Sandwich.  It is a small village and very charming.  We walked around, saw a bit of the events of the festival that was happening, and even hit some shops.  I got a clock for my mantel that I have set to US time; kind of nice to have gotten it there in Sandwich.

Gotta love those narrow streets!  At times during this day it was a toss-up as to whether the cars and the people/strollers could actually fit on the street at the same time!

Entertainment with period dress and music. . the girls loved it!!

The courthouse gate (front left of picture) was dated from the 1500's (or something crazy like that!). . and you could just walk right up and touch it.

One of Keith and Dad's goals in going to Sandwich was to visit Royal St. George's golf course.  It was the 2011 home to the British Open (the weekend before we were there).  It is a private course on the weekends, so we weren't allowed to go on the course and they couldn't have played and we weren't technically supposed to enter the grounds.  But, we feigned ignorance long enough for Keith and Dad to visit the pro shop.  We figured if they were bothered by it, they would just write us off as rude Americans! :)  And we might have been imagining it, but we thought we saw Darren Clarke, the 2011 Champion, standing and talking outside the clubhouse when we were driving off. . .and then again in town by a bed and breakfast/restaurant.  Who knows?  Didn't see any celebs in Nashville on the streets. . . why not in a village in rural England? :)