12 September 2011

Mom and Dad's Visit Part Three: Dover. . .

After exploring Sandwich, England, we drove on to Dover where we were booked to stay the night.  I had always heard of the "white cliffs of Dover". . but seeing them was really impressive.  I had booked our hotel through a travel website and wasn't sure what to expect.  We were pleasantly surprised to find out we would be staying right on the waterfront; the hotel was perfect for a one night stay (except there was no air conditioning!).  

When we checked in, I asked them at the front desk if there might be a place nearby where we could buy beach toys because I had forgotten ours.  I got some odd looks--figured it was my accent--and they said there were a bunch of small shops nearby and one of them might have something.  After a nice dinner at a really quaint little wharf resturant, we headed to the "beach."  I quickly realized why the looks. . .what appeared to be a sandy was actually a beach full of rocks!  It was a little disappointing, but the girls still had fun skipping rocks into the ocean.

Yep. . that's France in the distance!!  So cool!

I wanted to ask this guy if he was training to swim the English Channel, but he never swam back our way.

That's Dover Castle. . it is in the next post.

First trip to the beach and it's all rocks. . sorry, Charlie!