14 September 2011

Just a few bits and bobs. . .

Love "bits and bobs" (odds and ends). . here are some things I am figuring out about life in the UK:
  •  You can't order sausage on your pizza. . but you can get donor (lamb) on it.
  • They don't sell spray butter at the supermarket--or Crisco.
  • Apparently to be a proper English mother, you have to add ironing (school uniforms, etc) to the list of laundry to-do's. . thankfully I am an American mom and there is the lovely invention of non-iron clothing!
  • The metric system stinks!
  • Kids really don't eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. . jam sandwiches, yes. . Marmite, yuck. . but not PB&J.
  • Jello is called jelly; jelly is called jam--so it was funny to see the look on the neighbor girl's face when I offered peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!
  • Brits are huge American-philes. . .it's our music on the radio, Hollywood at the cinema, US celebs in the "glossies"--our pop culture is the one that they follow (with some small mention of UK celebs).  BBC covers Obama/Congress as much as Cameron/Parliament (if not more).  I can catch all of my favorite sitcoms on British television and get many familiar products--albeit with different names--at the shops.
  • On the subject of TV. . .was loving watching "Friends" in syndication while making dinner and then again when cleaning up after kids' bedtime.  The other night I cried my way through the series finale--there were TWO babies, Rachel got off the plane, leaving the purple apartment for the last time to get coffee, etc.  Then I cried even harder when between shows the announcer said: "The series finale of Friends--that's all for our run.  But don't worry we will have another American sitcom to take its place--Scrubs."  Apparently the channel had shown all of the episodes in order and was just done with it!  Bollocks! :)
  • Ground meat like beef is called "mince"
  • Article in the paper advertising the "potato shindig" at Hatton Family Farm. . guess that means no apple orchards this fall for the Brummels!
  • One of the more fun ones:  went to my first PTA meeting the other night. . at a pub.  And even better?  They ran a tab paid for by the PTA!   Pint of Stella for me!
Don't really have anything to add. . it just seemed this would be even more disgusting than the baby food the girls had.