15 August 2011

Is it reallly summer?. . .

After living in Tennessee for the past three summers, I can't get over how mild it is here--I am currently wearing pants and a long-sleeve shirt.  Here it is, mid-August, and the warmest day we have had was almost 82 degrees and there was nice breeze, so you wouldn't have known it.  Most nights are still in the low fifties and most days are in the upper sixties, low seventies.  So different than the miserable, relentless heat of summer in the South (and the Midwest, too).

Understandably, there aren't many outside pools--all of the leisure centers, etc have indoor facilities.  There are some water parks here and there.  In fact, a group of moms from Maggie's class was headed to one today.  The text said "be sure to bring swimsuits and towels."  I then looked at the weather forecast which calls for a high of 70 degrees today. . .it would have been in the mid to upper sixties during the time we were there.  It is new to have a reason unrelated to my thighs to avoid swimsuits!!

The mild weather does make for some beautiful flowers, etc. . .here are some gladiolus I cut from our back garden.

I am not complaining about the weather. . .in fact, it is nice to have it be so pleasant everyday.  It is just that it doesn't feel as much like summer.  The kids don't smell like sunscreen and chlorine, I haven't been sunburned yet, the grass is still soft under our feet. . and of course, no fireworks on the 4th of July!