06 August 2011

Our local Aldi store. . .

We have an Aldi here in Hinckley.  As always, it is great when I come across something that is a "familiar face."  I had a few minutes to kill one afternoon before picking up the big girls, so Charlotte and I popped in.  Pretty much the same set up as in the States--store length aisles of stacked merchandise, questionable meat products, packaged produce, and an area where they sell a rotating stock of non-grocery items.

After strolling through most of the store, I came across a section of USA products.  This was shortly after the 4th of July, so I don't know if they are regular or seasonal products.
Here's a close-up on the beer. . .glad that they have such a high opinion of American beauty queens.  Especially since British people are so healthy and trim.  (not really)
And the best one of all--yes that is a glass jar and they are skinless and soaking in brine (don't even know what that is). . . oh how I miss hot dogs at Wrigley Field!!