17 August 2011

Legoland Windsor. . .

This year for Maggie's 5th birthday, we decided that it was too short of notice to plan a party and instead offered some other options to celebrate the day.  She decided on Legoland near London in Windsor.  Maggie and Hannah had been to Legoland in Chicago with Mom and Dad, and they had both really enjoyed it.  So I booked the trip, with an overnight stay and plans to head to Windsor Castle the second day.

OF COURSE, after weeks of dry, sunny weather, it poured that weekend.  For anyone who watches golf, it was the weekend of the British Open in Sandwich (about 2 hours away), so you saw the rain.  And to make matters worse, even though I am an obsessive planner, I missed one very important detail: I assumed it was an indoor facility like it is in Chicago. . oh no, it was more like Great America. . .a full-on theme park and all outdoors.

Even though I had not dressed the kids for chilly and rainy British weather, we still managed to have a good time through the chattering teeth and the obnoxious ponchos (pronounced "panchos" by the Brits).  The sun even managed to show its face in the afternoon.  And most important of all, Maggie was satisfied that her 5th birthday had been done justice.  Here are some of the pics:
Not the greatest picture. . but the only one from the train.

The birthday girl takes the wheel!

Charlotte enjoying the playground. . and looking way too much like a big girl!

Miniature golf in the rain!

Such a great daddy!  Keith braved the water slide with the older girls!


Hannah decided "Heck with it!" and headed for the fountain & water playground!

People dryer. . .thought this was a great idea.

LOVED LOVED LOVED the Lego scenes!

Buckingham Palace--we went there the next weekend and this is spot on!

Big Ben, Thames, etc. .

Maggie's usual "cheese" face. . is Hannah posing?. . .and Charlotte at the beginning of her ice lolly stupor!

The two offerings from the States.  .JFK Space Center and a launch pad below.

I think this one was my favorite--it looks so real!