14 August 2011

Kedleston Hall. . .

On one Sunday trip, we decided to go to Kedleston in Derbyshire, which is about and hour north of us.

After walking through the field turned parking lot full of sheep dung, we hit the antique fair that had originally been the reason we had headed north.  But if there is a castle or something old to be seen. . the Brummels are there! :)
But, first, we had to hit the important stuff. . Charlie thought she was hot stuff getting to have an ice lolly of her own like the big girls!

After snacks, we walked to Kedleston Hall.  Finished in 1765 as a residence, it was modeled after Roman designs and was intended for "grand entertaining and to be a temple to the arts."  I would hope so because I can't imagine a family living comfortably in most parts of it!
This is a flying staircase--which was completely unsupported by pillars.  Of course, I was the one standing there when Hannah wanted to know how that would work--couldn't have been the parent who would have a good explanation!!  Luckily, I pulled something out about the pressure of one step on the next, the girls were convinced, and on we went. . Keith only laughed at me a little bit.
 This is the Marble Hall--and it was.  20 columns of local marble, each 25 feet tall.  Impressive to say the least.  The girls had a kids' guide, and they were letting us know what we were looking at.

The floor in the Marble Hall was Maggie's favorite part of the room (and I think the whole place). . she spent a lot of time walking up and down the design and sat in the middle looking up at the ceiling for a while.  She was having a conversation with herself the whole time, so it must have impressed her in some way.
The statues in the niches of the Hall were Hannah's favorite part.  And you know, we didn't get one single question about why they were naked.
 This is one corner of the Music Room. . this room was the everyday sitting room.  Yeah. . everyday is what pops into my head.
 In the library, we saw this unique reading chair--meant to be sat astride like a bike with your elbows on the arms and papers/books on the adjustable stand.  Thought it was a pretty cool piece.. . not sure how comfortable it would be. . and I am sure it was not intended for the ladies of the period.

 And this is an ancestor of the Igloo. . a trough made out of Sicilian jasper that would have been filled with iced water and bottles of wine during dinners.  It is also the picture that I took where my flash set off the alarms in the room.  That was fun.
Last stop was All Saints Church--constructed in the late 13th century, it is the only survivor of the medieval village that the owner of the house demolished to build Kedleston Hall.