16 August 2011

Small victories. . .

One of the things that has been on my list since we moved here was joining a gym.  The hotel that is just down the road has a "leisure center," but they don't have a creche (nursery) for the kids.  My other option is the community Leisure Center in Hinckley--great facility. . lots for the whole family, but the creche is only up to age 5.  So I either have to beg the older girls to sit quietly and patiently while I am in a class or go when they are otherwise occupied.  Today I chose the latter.

When Hannah was big enough to be taken to the gym, I eagerly signed up and dropped her off.  Those were the marvelous days when I had only one pregnancy and had quickly returned to pre-baby shape just from breastfeeding and walks.  And I only had one baby to take care of.  (Really--what did I do with all that time?)  She was so easy; she loved to go to the gym--didn't really notice when I left, or if she did, she wasn't concerned.

Now my Maggie was another story.  When we moved from Illinois to Tennessee, she was 15 months old. . .certainly old enough to go to the nursery at the gym for a little while.  This time I was still carrying around some of pregnancy number two, so I was ready to go!  Alas, I soon discovered (through the concrete walls) my girl was that baby--the one who threw her little body against the half-door that I had just exited and sobbed "MA-MA" ferociously until they finally came and got me.  She still has that spirit. . .and thankfully it only took a few weeks to get her used to going to the gym!

Now it is Charlotte's turn.  Even though I worked out almost to the end of pregnancy number three, anyone who has been in my shoes knows that it is a "bit" harder to bounce back. . .in fact you don't have the time to even think about bouncing, much less the energy.  And throw in a trans-Atlantic move and all the stress and exhaustion from that, and it's not pretty.  But I am determined to get back into the gym--I am a better wife and mother when I am going regularly.

I have been stressed and unable to find the resolve to go through the "getting a kid used to the gym" phase.  But, today we went.  I thought, give her 30 minutes.  They assured me they would find me after 15 if she was upset.  We got to the creche and signed in--she watched kids while I showed the lady her milk, etc.  Then it was time for me to leave.

I kissed Charlotte, who continued to watch the other kids.  I slowly stood up and backed away from Charlotte, who continued to watch the other kids.  I said in a bright, cheery voice "Mommy will be back soon, I love you, have fun!" to Charlotte, who continued to watch the other kids.  Off to a good start, I suppose.

After 30 minutes I came back to a smiling Charlotte, who was adamantly protecting her turn on the little car ("MINE!").  She lit up when she saw me, but then went back to playing.  The ladies commented that she had done fabulously.  I signed her out, and told her it was time to go.  She looked at me and said, "NO!!!!" 

It seems like Charlotte might enjoy these chances to spread her wings and be independent.  In terms of my ultimate goal of getting her used to going to the creche, it's a victory for today!

But, I have to say, a small part of me wished that there had been just a few tears and wailing of my name! :)
 Charlotte's yogurt-goatee look!